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The School of Natural Medicine, UK unites self healing with evolutionary education to awaken your highest potential as an authentic guide for others.

Immersions Trainings are offered in two four-week Summer Immersions held on alternate years, and one two-week Herbal Immersion. In addition to Immersion Trainings, diploma students undertake a 3 month Self Healing module and Naturopathy, Master Herbalist, and Natural Physician diploma students complete their studies with the Clinical Training Immersion. Apprentice training programmes are open for graduates.

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Naturopathy & Iridology -
23rd-27th and 30th January - 3rd February
Essential Oils and Healing Touch - 6th-10th and 13th-17th March
Healing Diets -
15th-19th and 22nd-26th May
Quantum Botanicals and Flower Essences -
12th-16th and 19th-23rd June
Herbal Immersion - 7th - 11th and 14th-18th August

Summer Immersion II
- 4th-29th June
Herbal Immersion - 6th-17th August
(Dates for Summer Immersion I to be announced in September 2017)

Summer Immersion I - 1st-26th July
Herbal Immersion - 5th-16th August
(Dates for Summer Immersion II to be announced in September 2017)