The School of Natural Medicine unites self-healing with evolutionary education to awaken your highest potential as an authentic guide for others. We are a global community of passionate practitioners, teachers and advocates that embody the highest standards of excellence in the field of natural medicine, while raising our voices for preserving and protecting our right to independent health and quality of life, and with respect for the healing power of nature. We invite you to join us on one of our online or diploma courses, and begin your journey toward creating a life out of what you love.

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Each online student is personally mentored by Bonny Casel, and students can progress at their own pace. Online courses can be taken individually, or combined with the Immersion Training, Clinical Training and the Self Healing Module for Diploma Training.


The fully integrated system of Natural Medicine taught at the School of Natural Medicine, UK.
Studies include:
  • 5 Immersion Trainings in London, England
  • Herbal Immersion in Boulder, Colorado (optional)
  • Self Healing Module
  • Naturopathy Online Training
  • Quantum Botanicals Online Training
  • Herbal Medicine Online Training
  • Healing Diets Online Training
  • Iridology Online Training
  • Clinical Training Retreat with Farida Sharan
The Quantum Botanicals Diploma course offers a loving and mind expanding exploration of the plant world, the nature of consciousness and quantum physics, opening your heart and mind in profound ways that will change the way you perceive healing, the relationship between nature and consciousness, and the patient-practitioner relationship.

Step into the future of medicine and discover the world of Plant Consciousness, Quantum and Fractal Potential, Electromagnetic Coherence and Vibrational Medicine through a comprehensive study of the nature of matter and energy, how consciousness communicates with matter, the relationship between thoughts, emotions and cellular function, direct perception plant communication, flower essences and a range of vibrational modalities to support the healing process.

The Quantum Botanicals Diploma course is studied online and personally mentored by Bonny Casel.

Quantum Botanicals Advanced Diploma course includes online training, Immersion Training and the Self Healing Module.

This unique course combines online training in the therapeutic use of food/nutrition for healing, and creative, fully integrated hands-on learning, enhanced by the Self Healing Module; an experiential journey into the effectiveness of cleansing and rejuvenation, within the life of each student.

Learn the simplicity of creating wholesome, organic foods with creative inspiration, based on the understanding of the principles of true nutrition. Expand into healing diets for balancing the inner ecology, cleansing, recovery, rejuvenation, longevity, life phases, beauty, emotional well being, mental clarity and consciousness. Discover how your food buying choices either support quality and sustainability, or politics, multinationals, food and seed laws, mass production and destruction of nutrient values and the health of human beings, all living creatures and this planet Earth. This course will teach you far more than you ever imagined about the use of food for healing and will ground this knowledge through your own personal experience.

• Healing Diets Coach Certification is studied online
• Healing Diets Nutrition Consultant Diploma Course combines online training with the Healing Diets Immersion and Self Healing Module.

We offer professional Iridology training of the highest standard, with detailed lessons and assignments that are designed to help students fully understand the material, plus hundreds of drawings, charts and photographs, and the personal attention that students need to become qualified and effective Iridologists.

Students study the online Iridology course, created by
Farida Sharan (author of Iridology - A Complete Guide) and attend two Summer Immersions where they learn the foundation of Iridology, Naturopathy and Healing Diets in practice, how to create health programs utilizing the information from the iris, how cleansing and rejuvenation alters our aging pathway through diet, herbs and naturopathic therapies, how to integrate vibrational medicine and flower essences with iris diagnosis and case histories, and the supportive roles that healing touch, essential oils and emotional healing play in creating holistic programs.
The Master Herbalist Diploma course offered by the School of Natural Medicine integrates the study of traditional Western herbal medicine with food as medicine, vibrational healing from plant sources, plant communication, botany, formulae creation, practice development, wildcrafting and product creation and much more.

5 Immersion Trainings, online training and Self Healing combine in-depth herbal studies, holistic anatomy and physiology, a Materia Medica of more than 116 herbs, plus numerous supportive herbs and teas, essential oils training, flower essence training, therapeutic touch and healing processes, food as medicine and so much more, adding up to one of the most complete and fully integrated traditional Western herbal medicine courses available anywhere.

Naturopathy is a profession that is practiced throughout the world, with Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Russia, India and the United States having the highest numbers of practicing naturopaths and naturopathic schools.

Naturopathy is a clearly defined profession with guiding principles that can be traced to the teachings of Stoicism in ancient Greece and which was incorporated into a complete system of medicine by Hippocrates; a Greek medical doctor who is considered the father of modern medicine. The first principle of naturopathy, as stated in the Hippocratic oath, is ‘First, Do No Harm.’

Naturopathy is classified as a traditional medicine and has evolved since ancient times, as a deeply rooted part of European natural medicinal systems and, from Europe, naturopathy has found its way, with the founding fathers of the United States and the Commonwealth, to all parts of the world settled or governed by those of European descent. Naturopathy is a discipline of accumulated knowledge of effective natural therapies, diet and lifestyle
in practice, and does not have a single originator.

Our course teaches pure Naturopathy, treating the whole person, physically, emotionally and mentally, rather than treating specific disease processes, thus providing support for the individual's inherent Life Force. With a strong focus on pro-health, versus anti-disease methodologies, this course offers students the opportunity to learn how to harness the forces of nature for healing.


This course encompasses the theory and practice of vibrational medicine, the 38 Bach Flower Remedies (with an introduction to numerous other remedy sources), healing processes that provide direct understanding of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realities of each flower signature, depth exploration of direct perception plant communication, and essence creation. The course also includes: the history of vibrational and flower essences, a field trip, and consultation procedures.

This training is included in Quantum Botanicals, Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Natural Physician and Iridology Diploma Courses or can be attended separately by special arrangement

For advanced study of Consciousness, Nature and Vibrational Medicine we also offer the Quantum Botanicals Diploma Course

In-depth professional training in the use of medicinal grade essential oils in healing processes. Numerous healing processes are taught so that students receive direct experience with a range of mind-body applications. See this link for details.

This training is included in the Quantum Botanicals, Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Natural Physician and Iridology Diploma Courses or can be attended separately by special arrangement
An in-depth professional training that focuses on therapeutic touch. Twenty different touches are taught which can be combined with a wide range of modalities and healing processes to increase therapeutic effectiveness. A profound healing and rejuvenative experience.

This training is part of the Summer Immersion, and is included in the Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Natural Physician and Iridology Diploma Courses or can be attended separately by special arrangement