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Independent Study Opportunity with a 75% Discount on Online Courses!

Opportunity awaits as we unexpectedly find ourselves with long days, weeks and potentially months ahead...at home. What are we going to do with this time? If the news can be used as a good barometer, many people are turning to social media and Netflix, but at School of Natural Medicine UK, we have a better idea.

For the duration of social ...
Students practicing essential oil Raindrop Reflexology
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Eight students gathered from the UK, France and the US for the Essential Oils & Healing Touch Immersion in February. It was a magical time as we played with the school’s large collection of essential oils, carrier oils, macerates and hydrosols, creating blends and healing processes for a range of case studies for health, wellness and beauty.

Natural Physician Student Becky Gilman
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Natural Physician student, Becky Gilman, wrote this inspirational call to embrace the beauty of eating a healthy diet. Enjoy!

I’m beginning to understand that healing the body and eating healthily isn’t just something you do that becomes a new habit, it’s dynamic. It’s a lifelong passion, requiring constant thought and commitment and most of all... love!

You have to love it, and that isn’t something that you either have or you don't. ...

Peace on Earth
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Self Awareness is the First Step on the Path of Personal Evolution and Self Care

There is a lot of anxiety at the moment about what the new decade will bring and, although many of us know the changes that we want to see in the world around us, there are widely divergent views about what this world should look like, and how we should get there. Sadly, when people don't pull together with a shared vision, either we get nowhere, or the power ...

Bonny's Christmas Tree 2019
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"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention" - Oscar Wilde

I remember the feeling in childhood of the holidays stretched out before me...so much time to expand into and so many wonderful experiences to look forward to with breathless excitement. 

But as the years go by, many of us fall into stress and anxiety over the Christmas holidays, so much so that a Swedish ...


Bonny Casel ND, MAMH, MBSLM, FBRI is the founder and director of School of Natural Medicine UK and course creator of Lifestyle Medicine for Self Care. She is also a training provider for NHS hospital staff, guest lecturer, and speaks internationally with a focus on holistic pro-health care.

Bonny began her teaching career in 1988 and has studied with many of the leading pioneers of natural medicine of the last century, including Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. John Christopher, Dr. Farida Sharan, Dorothy Hall, and Denny Johnson, as well as scientists Bruce Lipton and Nassim Haramein. She has authored several accredited courses, including the comprehensive Healing Diets Nutritional Consultant and Quantum Botanicals Advanced. 

Dedicated to educating, empowering and inspiring people to achieve independent health and quality of life, Bonny is also committed to lifelong continuing education, experiential self- care and to contribute what she can to make the world a better place. Please visit www.herenowhealing.com to find out more.

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