Students create Iridology and Naturopathy Mandalas at Immersion Training
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This autumn ten students gathered from near and far at Nutley Edge in East Sussex for the two-week Naturopathy & Iridology Immersion. 

Each day we explored a new level of iris analysis, beginning with iris structure from both physical and psychological perspectives, then integrated this with Naturopathy studies of the five elements.

As we moved from structure, to iris markings, then onto iris constitutions, students delved deep ...

Bonny Casel presenting at Plant Consciousness 2015
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I'm delighted to share the following video of a presentation I gave at Plant Consciousness in London in 2015. It was a great two day event with numerous speakers, including Satish Kumar, David Bruce Leonard, Dennis McKenna, David Luke and Drew Dellinger, and more than 300 people attended from around the UK, Europe and some from further afield.

We all enjoyed hearing these expert views on plants as they relate to consciousness, ranging from ...

Romany caravan culture
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The Cultural Development of Herbal Healing within Romany Culture

As herbalists, especially those who practice Western herbalism, the Roma have a particular responsibility to honour cultures that have preserved herbal knowledge through the centuries and that they now use today. In Romani practice and devotional work with plant kindred, they have remarked how we become more like the plants they work with and the plants become more like ...

Charles Darwin during his later years
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One of the well-known figures in the scientific world who had an experience with homeopathic treatment was Charles Darwin. What makes it interesting is that he did not believe in his treatment and was convinced that it was useless, which serves as an example of how the treatment works in people who have no faith in it, i.e. removing the possibility of the placebo effect.

Charles Darwin's illness is mentioned in virtually all versions of ...

Child sleeping with baby chihuahua
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Natural Solutions for a Good Nights Sleep!

In The Power of Sleep - Part 1, I discussed the detrimental effects of sleeping less than 8 hours each night and, given the average person is now sleeping a mere 6.8 hours, this information is important to know. However, what then?

In this article I share a range of practical, natural ...


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