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Health is a Dynamic

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Natural Physician student, Becky Gilman, wrote this inspirational call to embrace the beauty of eating a healthy diet. Enjoy!

I’m beginning to understand that healing the body and eating healthily isn’t just something you do that becomes a new habit, it’s dynamic. It’s a lifelong passion, requiring constant thought and commitment and most of all... love!

You have to love it, and that isn’t something that you either have or you don't. The beauty is, everyone will love the journey once they begin to become more in tune with the foods they eat and the power they hold. Everyone will fall in love; once they experience the benefits themselves and begin to feel clear and energetic, they won't be able to help it. It demands you to be in love with it, like a shirtless Brad Pitt shimmying in the rain. It requires love, it’s a product of the connection you can’t help but begin to feel.

Sure, at the start this can be an extremely difficult process. Addictions must be fought, a life's worth of bad habits etched into your brain, like a puppeteer commanding it’s puppet. These are powerful and we often feel we aren’t strong enough to break them so we resign ourselves to the heavy pain they bring.

Sometimes the pain of them only becomes apparent once we are healthy, looking on a graveyard from the top of a rose field. We forget what ‘good’ feels like, we adjust to the norm of discomfort. Once we have healed mentally, emotionally and physically we commit ourselves to health, it’s a priority that isn’t a chore, it’s a passion.

One of the most beautiful relationships of your life, fresh food becomes beautiful and respect for this world and the nature that binds us all together is etched into your very core. And of course life is chaotic and fluctuates more than the stock market... but your connection and intuition develops to know the food and detoxification methods needed to support the body at a given time.

Health is dynamic, it is a continuum that we are constantly engaged in. The perks of a healthy body span an insanely wide spectrum. The body and the mind are the same, a non-dualistic phenomenon, 2 sides of the same coin, you. What effects one will affect the other, and this becomes absolute truth when we fully engage and commit to the path of healing.

A healthy body will support a healthy mind in innumerable ways, your greatest potential can’t help but be reached. Our self knowledge and awareness soar. Motivation is increased, joy, happiness, lust for life and of course the big L-bomb, love.

We all deserve this. We are all capable of doing this and most importantly... it’s not as hard as you think. We just need knowledge and that initial inspiration, maybe this is it. Maybe this is the start of your journey, this moment right now. What will it be?


Bonny Casel ND, MAMH, MBSLM, FBRI is the founder and director of School of Natural Medicine UK and course creator of Lifestyle Medicine for Self Care. She is also a training provider for NHS hospital staff, guest lecturer, and speaks internationally with a focus on holistic pro-health care.

Bonny began her teaching career in 1988 and has studied with many of the leading pioneers of natural medicine of the last century, including Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. John Christopher, Dr. Farida Sharan, Dorothy Hall, and Denny Johnson, as well as scientists Bruce Lipton and Nassim Haramein. She has authored several accredited courses, including the comprehensive Healing Diets Nutritional Consultant and Quantum Botanicals Advanced. 

Dedicated to educating, empowering and inspiring people to achieve independent health and quality of life, Bonny is also committed to lifelong continuing education, experiential self- care and to contribute what she can to make the world a better place. Please visit to find out more.

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