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Clinical Training Immersion

Naturopathy Clinical Training
Clinical Training is attended by Master Herbalist, Naturopathy and Natural Physician students once they have completed their Online Studies, Self Healing and Immersion Trainings.

Clinical Training offers students the opportunity for advanced integrated study of the complete system of Natural Medicine that we teach, while enjoying a Self Healing retreat shared with fellow advanced students in a beautiful natural setting.

The focus of clinical training is on guiding others through knowledge grounded in experiential self healing, education of the client to provide the foundation for independent health, refinement of healing process skills with healing touch, essential oils treatments, diet, naturopathic therapies, herbal treatments, flower essences and consultation skills supported by mind-body exploration through felt sense, mind mapping and heart-brain coherence.

Students are taught to work deeply with clients for meaningful and lasting shifts in health progression, rather than the contemporary ‘white coat’ consultation approach so prevalent in clinical settings today.

One of the fundamental principles of Naturopathy, along with 'First, Do No Harm,' 'Prevention is Better than Cure,' 'Treat the Whole Person' and 'Cooperate with the Healing Powers of Nature,' is 'Doctor as Teacher.'

Clinical Training at the School of Natural Medicine, UK focuses on guiding each student to become a practitioner that embodies 'Doctor as Teacher' in every facet of practice, and this role is magnified in value when the practitioner can teach from personal experience in addition to academic knowledge. Thus clinical training is taught throughout course studies, in addition to the final clinical training immersion, with an emphasis on developing the skills to become an authentic teacher of natural medicine.

Each day students attend a half day of lectures and experiential training followed by individual and group self healing processes with fellow students.

Clinical Training is held in beautiful, natural retreat settings in Europe or Australasia.

Day 1 - Consultation Skills: Review of fundamental laws that underpin the relationship between consciousness and matter, fractal potential and fractal progression and the evolving science that supports the premise of vibrational mind/ body medicine.

Day 2 - Consultation Skills: Earth Element - Fear and Trust mind/body dynamic. Self Healing Processes focus on advanced Healing Touch skills and healing Earth Element imbalances with supportive naturopathic therapies, essential oils and flower essences.

Day 3 – Consultation Skills: Water Element – Emotions and Feelings mind/body dynamic. Self Healing Processes focus on review and practice of advanced essential oils treatments combined with felt sense, mind mapping and heart-brain coherence practices.

Day 4 - Consultation Skills: Fire Element – Addictions and Nourishment, Will and Personal Power. Self Healing Processes focus on healing digestion and balancing Fire Element imbalances through diet, essential oils and flower essences.

Day 5 - Consultation Skills: Air Element – Giving and Receiving mind/body dynamic. Self Healing Processes focus on healing Air Element imbalances and explores Earth, Water, Fire and Air treatments through Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine.

Day 6 - Consultation Skills: Ether Element – Longing and Loss mind/body dynamic. Integration of consultation skills with Iridology analysis, dietary recommendations for cleansing, transition and health building, herbal support, naturopathic supportive therapies, lifestyle, essential oils and flower essences.

Clinical Training Retreat

£600 plus cost of accommodation, meals and optional treatments at the retreat centre

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