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Diploma Training combines online studies mentored by school founder, Bonny Casel, with 10 day in-person Immersion Trainings, the Self Healing Module and Clinical Training.

Diploma course options include Naturopathy, Master Herbalist, Healing Diets Nutritional Consultant, Master Iridologist, Quantum Botanicals Advanced, and the Natural Physician diploma, which is the integrated study of the full system of mind-body natural medicine that we teach.

Thank you for having truly transformed my life to an unknowably good level, with it, also, the lives of so many other people. A HUGE Thank you Bonny!!

Sunay Chelek HDNC, AMP Healing Diets Nutritional Consultant Graduate

Herbarium pages at Kew Garden London

Healing Diets students preparing raw bread
Healing Diets Nutritional Consultant Diploma

This unique course combines online training in the use of food as medicine, with fully integrated hands-on learning; an experiential journey into the effectiveness of healing diets within the life of each student in preparation for professional practice. Cleansing, health building and transition diets are taught in the context of life phases and individual needs.

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Master Herbalist Diploma

Our Master Herbalist Diploma course offers a thorough study of Western Herbal Medicine, alongside in-depth study of Iridology and Healing Diets. This integrated approach ensures herbal recommendations are informed by knowledge of systemic strengths and weaknesses, and fully supported by cleansing and health building approaches to food as medicine.

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Honeysuckle rising from soil in the spring
Quantum Botanicals Advanced Diploma

The Quantum Botanicals Advanced diploma course offers a loving and mind expanding exploration of the plant world, the nature of consciousness and quantum physics, opening your heart and mind in profound ways that will change the way you perceive healing, the relationship between mind, body and nature, and the patient-practioner relationship.

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Iris mind map by Iridology student at the Naturopathy & Iridology Immersion
Master Iridologist Diploma

Train with Bonny Casel ND, a leading Master Iridologist who has personally studied with Iridology pioneers Dr. John Christopher, Dr Bernard Jensen, Harry Wolf, Farida Sharan and Dorothy Hall. She has also studied with the creator of Rayid, Denny Johnson. The Master Iridologist diploma course includes in-depth study of Healing Diets, cleansing and health building.

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Students discussing their relationship with food at the Healing Diets Immersion
Naturopathy Diploma

The Naturopathy diploma course integrates the study of Naturopathy, Healing Diets, Herbal Medicine and Iridology, providing a systemic approach to holistic natural medicine that recognizes that the cause and cure of disease lies within the whole person; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The course combines five in-person immersion trainings with mentored online study.

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Students learning how to distil essential oils at the Herbal Medicine Immersion.
Natural Physician Diploma

The Natural Physician diploma course offers the integrated study of the complete system of natural medicine that we teach. All five online courses, encompassing a full range of healing modalities for mind-body healing, five immersion trainings, and clinical training are integrated with experiential learning in the Self Healing module.

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Immersion Trainings

Healing Diets class
Healing Diets Immersion

The Healing Diets Immersion is a delicious, delightful, hands-on education in raw food preparation that provides the foundation for inspired, creative use of therapeutic nutrient dense foods. Students participate in establishing the rhythms of a living raw food kitchen, including sprouting and fermentation, a range of dehydrating projects, juicing, raw desserts, nut and seed milks, and much more.

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Herbal Medicine lecture during the immersion training in Norfolk
Herbal Medicine Immersion

The Herbal Medicine Immersion instils an authentic relationship with plant medicine in daily practice, as students explore the multi-dimensional therapeutic qualities of plants through hands-on creation of formula, tinctures, salves, distillations, infused oils, flower essences and experiential treatment with poultices, packs and foot baths.

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Essential oils and healing touch immersion class
Essential Oils & Healing Touch Immersion

The Essential Oils and Healing Touch Immersion focuses on experiential healing processes that combine essential oils with techniques to balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system function and heart-brain coherence, allowing for deeper connection and receptivity to healing. In the second week, healing processes shift to the study of healing touch.

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Students learning about flower essences and felt sense
Quantum Botanicals & Flower Essences Immersion

Through lectures and experiential classes, students explore the world of plants, both physically and vibrationally, with reference to studies of plant consciousness, plant senses, the 12 windows of perception and human-plant resonance. Study flower essences, felt sense, heart-brain coherence, brain hemisphere processing, and the language of feelings and emotions.

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Naturopathy student sharing her iris mind map
Naturopathy & Iridology Immersion

The Naturopathy & Iridology Immersion is open to all students enrolled in a certificate or diploma course, as the content is profoundly enriching to all areas of natural medicine study and practice. Learn the fundamentals principles of naturopathy as they apply to self care, self healing and clinical practice, and explore the profound visual language of the iris.

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Self Healing Module

The Self Healing module is a core part of diploma training. Here each student has the opportunity to personally experience the complete system of natural medicine that we teach. The focus of Self Healing is direct experience of dietary changes, herbs, essential oils and flower essences, supported by lifestyle and natural therapies.

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