Our Herbal Medicine diploma course offers a thorough study of the clinical practice of Western Herbalism, including an extensive 116 herb Materia Medica, plus dozens of herbs for Naturopathic support, study of formula creation and traditional herbal remedies, the chemistry of herbs, herbal medicine for menopause and other life phases, herbal remedies for independent heath, tincture, fomentation, poultice, ovule and infusion preparation, herb wildcrafting and herbal pharmacy creation (see below for course topics).

This study is fully integrated with the study of Iridology and Healing Diets, so that herbal recommendations are informed by knowledge of systemic and constitutional strengths and weaknesses of the individual and fully supported by cleansing and health building approaches to diet.

Herbal Medicine is a multi-dimensional field of opportunity that students explore with our strong foundation based on personal experience with self-healing and hands on classes. With a potential future with private practice, growing or harvesting herbs, creating products, creating or working for ethical natural product companies, spas, health food stores or clinics, running booths at festivals and fairs, and combining herbal nutrients with other therapeutic modalities, students turn what they love into a life they love to live!

The Master Herbalist diploma course combines online study of Herbal Medicine, Healing Diets, and Iridology with the Self Healing module, five 2-week Immersion Trainings and Clinical Training.

Our Master teachers include: Bonny Casel ND MH, director of the School of Natural Medicine UK, whose first herbal medicine teacher was Dr. John Christopher, and Julie Bruton-Seal, a practising naturopathic herbalist, craniosacral practitioner, iridologist and natural healer. Julie qualified at the Selfheal School, under Dr Jill Davies and Christopher Hobbs in 2000, and is a Council member of the Association of Master Herbalists (AMH). She was editor of the quarterly magazine, Nature’s Path, now The Herbalist, for many years. Julie was also one of the founding organisers of HerbFest, an annual gathering celebrating healing plants and herbal medicine.

Course Structure

Master Herbalist Diploma Studies include the following Modules:

Master Herbalist Online Studies include:
  • Herbal Medicine online course - 12 Lessons - 660 pages
  • Healing Diets Coach online course - 12 Lessons - 540 pages
  • Iridology online course - 14 Lessons - 514 pages
  • Time Payment: 12 monthly payments of £200
  • Discounted Payment in Full: £2000
  • Online courses can also be enrolled in one at a time (see application form for payment details)
  • Create your own study schedule
  • Support and mentoring with Bonny Casel as you progress through your studies
  • Graduates are awarded the Master Herbalist Diploma, Healing Diets Nutritional Consultant Diploma, Quantum Botanicals Advanced Diploma, and Master Iridologist Diploma.
  • Visit this link for accreditation information.
Master Herbalist Immersions include the following 10 day Immersions:
Quantum Botanicals & Flower Essences - £1850 includes accommodation
Naturopathy & Iridology - £1850 includes accommodation
Healing Diets - £2100 includes accommodation
Herbal Medicine - £1300 - accommodation separate
Essential Oils & Healing Touch Immersion - £1850 + purchase of Raindrop Kit

Self Healing Module - £400

Clinical Training - £1200 plus accommodation and optional treatments

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