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Herbal Medicine Immersion

Studying Plant Gesture
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Our Herbal Medicine Immersion instils an authentic relationship with plant medicine in daily practice, as students explore the multi-dimensional therapeutic qualities of plants through hands-on creation of formulae, tinctures, salves, ointments, distillations, infused oils, flower essences and experiential treatment with poultices, packs and foot baths.

Knowledge of the medicinal and nutritive properties of herbs is grounded in experience of direct perception plant communication, plant recognition, elemental properties expressed through plant colour, structure and signature, ethical harvesting and foraging, plant drying and storage, and pharmacy protocols, so that students develop a relationship with the energetics of nature and learn to work in harmony with plant rhythms and intention.

Each medicinal plant that we learn about, experience and befriend offers a lifetime of healing support. The Herbal Medicine Immersion provides the foundation for a lifetime of exploration, with respect and appreciation for the natural world.

The Herbal Medicine Immersion is taught by Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal.

Julie Bruton-Seal is a practising naturopathic herbalist, craniosacral practitioner, iridologist and natural healer. She qualified at the Selfheal School, under Dr Jill Davies and Christopher Hobbs in 2000, and is a Council member of the Association of Master Herbalists (AMH). She was editor of the quarterly magazine, Nature’s Path, now The Herbalist, for many years. Julie was also one of the founding organisers of HerbFest, an annual gathering celebrating healing plants and herbal medicine.

Matthew Seal is the co-author with Julie Bruton-Seal of four books, all published by Merlin Unwin Books: Hedgerow Medicine (2008), Kitchen Medicine (2010), Make Your Own Aphrodisiacs (2012) and The Herbalist’s Bible (2014), Their new book, Wayside Medicine, will be published in 2017.

Julie and Matthew live in the Norfolk village of Ashwellthorpe and their Tudor cottage, herbal pharmacy and herb garden is the venue for teaching the Herbal Medicine Immersion.

10 day Immersion Training
Immersion is held in Norfolk at the herbal pharmacy and garden of Julie Bruton-Seal

£1300 (accommodation not included)

  • Herbal Medicine Student Photo
  • Student Herb Walk
  • Direct Perception Plant Communication Studies
  • Herbal Pharmacy Training Student Photo
  • Plant Identification and Drawing Class
  • Making Tinctures and Herbal Salves
  • Studying Herbal Supplement Companies
  • Nature Walk Herbal Student Group

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