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The School of Natural Medicine, UK unites self healing with evolutionary education to awaken your highest potential as an authentic guide for others.

The School of Natural Medicine, UK offers six online courses that are personally mentored by School of Natural Medicine, UK founder, Bonny Casel. Click on the links above to explore each online course and read what online students share about their studies below.

Online Student Testimonials

I would like to thank you Bonny for helping me through this journey of life. I loved the Healing Diets course and you have been a great inspirational teacher for me. I wouldn't have been where I am today without you.Sahana R.

The course is even better than I expected, although my exceptions were high.Michael K.

I really want to say Bonny, I really respect the way that you respond with care and attention. You always respond me when I ask something or send something. I really appreciate that! It means care, listening. Beautiful!! Thank you.Leticia N.

This has been an extraordinary introduction to the course, something I could not have foreseen. In the last 14 days, I have spent time in deep contemplation and discussion about the nature of life and how this first lesson and its peripheral material has given me more understanding to my lifelong search to understand what I had experienced and practised as a child….The scientific developments presented in Lesson 1 have brought me nearer to understanding and experiencing the whole, and I am, unceremoniously and in the vernacular, hooked. Selima S.

Thank you so much Bonny for such fantastic feedback. It's really helpful to have these comments and I feel even more motivated to dive deeper into this work and immerse!! I love the course!!! And it's wonderful to have you there knowing I can ask questions. So appreciated. Kirsty L.

Thanks for detailed and encouraging and wise feedback. It is enlightening in many ways and I enjoy your sharing of personal experience. You learn so much more and so much easier from stories of people you are interested in. Elena B.

It is so wonderful to get personable and detailed feedback directly from you. I think it is awesome that your teaching is so hands on and it is such a blessing for a student. There are not many schools or professors like this. It is very enjoyable to hear your thoughts and to be able to be corrected in a way that is explained.Brittany L.

The Herbal Medicine Course is so well structured and nicely written, I am really enjoying studying it. Thank you for all the recommended additional readings as well.Suzana L.

You have really put together a beautiful program. It feels very ‘right’ and I am excited about both the 2 courses I am taking and about taking more in the near future.Susan M.

I am totally in love with your course and I am reading the material whenever I can. I am so grateful you sent through all the Lessons as I can work my way through them, which is a complete joy and very motivating on so many levelsKatie Y.

The Healing Diets Course is fantastic! I am enjoying it so much! Thank you for making it so cosy, delicious and informative. Adriano M.

I am already gaining a good understanding of how the combination of all four subject mater, ie. Iridology, Healing Diets, Naturopathy and Herbology, give a really good 360 degree perspective on health and healing, which is sorely needed in this day and time. Geoff R.

These assignments don’t really reflect the enormous teachings that I am getting out of just being a part of this course. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to transform and challenge old habits.Claire H.

I would like to begin this assignment by showing my extreme gratitude in the beautiful knowledge shared in these lessons and by your generous feedback, which has made me feel ‘not so far’ away from your school and teaching…Thank you again Bonny.Susan M.

I am loving the course, it is more than I expected, and its beautifully written. Having a good time studying the topics.Lacy C.