Iridology & Foundation of Natural Medicine Online Course
Iridology & Foundation of Natural Medicine Online Course

Learn the language of Iridology, together with natural therapeutic programme creation, as you gain the skills to analyse, educate and mentor self-healing with clients and students. Discover how purification, regeneration and transformation brings light, clarity and changes to the iris! Experience iris changes during your self-healing module, as you experience the benefits of nature healing and become an inspiring, authentic guide for others. As you embody understanding of your own iris, you learn depth understanding of how the iris mirrors multi-levels of physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual realities that are truly holistic.

Our online Iridology & Foundation of Natural Medicine course can be studied from anywhere in the world, and are personally mentored by school founder, Bonny Casel.

Learning about Iridology constitutions and how each has a different perspective, a different approach to life, opened my eyes to how our physical lives are reflections of our emotional and psychological lives and vice versa…The more I learned about how the iris reveals physical, mental and emotional strengths and weaknesses, the more I understood the naturopathic principle of 'the soil not the seed.' Rather than focusing on 'naming' diseases, the iris shows us how each person manifests imbalances in their own way and, most importantly, how we can prevent and reverse these imbalances. The Iridology studies are so seamlessly integrated with study of natural medicine, which I hadn't expected, but it makes perfect sense. Iridology is a natural way for the body to communicate what is going on inside and is simply fundamental to the practice of natural medicine.

Jared Keenan Herbal Medicine Complete and Iridology student
Pencil drawing of an open iris structure by a master artist in Thailand.
Course Consists Of
Course Consists Of
  • Iridology online certification course - 14 Lessons - 453 pages
  • Iridology - A Complete Guide by Farida Sharan
  • Dictionary of Iridology by Farida Sharan
  • Iridology Colouring Book by Farida Sharan
  • Herbs of Grace by Farida Sharan
  • Hundreds of Iris Photos to support your learning

Iridology is the study of the structure, colour and markings on the iris of the eye to determine inherent strengths and weaknesses in body organs, systems and glands, thus assessing inherent pathways towards disease and the individual way in which a person ages.

This knowledge is uniquely suited to preventative medicine as it provides an opportunity to create highly personalised cleansing and health building programmes.

Iridology is also used to increase understanding of how a person’s stresses, lifestyle and habits interact with their unique strengths and weaknesses to create the specific health issues and mind-body dynamics that they are experiencing, and how to reverse this process through the educated use of diet and lifestyle interventions.

Online Course Fees & Payment Options

There are two payment options:

Time Payment: 12 monthly payments of £80

or Discounted Payment in Full: £750

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Course Details
  • History and Philosophy of Iridology - from 1000 BC to today
  • Foundation of Natural Medicine
  • Symbolic language of the interior world
  • Iris topography
  • Embryology
  • Iris drawing
  • Iris texture
  • Basic Iris Signs
  • Eliminative channels in the iris
  • European constitutional types
  • Faridian constitutional types
  • Holistic anatomy and physiology
  • Nervous system in the iris
  • Digestive system in the iris
  • Circulatory system in the iris
  • Lymphatic system in the iris
  • Endcrine system in the iris
  • Reproductive system in the iris
  • Respiratory system in the iris
  • Urinary system in the iris
  • Skeletal and muscular systems in the iris
  • Iridian psychology
  • Rayid model
  • Flower essences, emotional healing and Iridology

Can I begin with the Iridology online course and choose to attend the Immersions at a later date for the Master Iridologist diploma?
Yes! You are welcome to begin with online certification training and, if at a later date, you would like to continue your studies to diploma level by adding the Healing Diets online course studies, attending the Naturopathy & Iridology Immersion Trainings, and undertaking the Self Healing module, then your online studies will be applied in full towards the Master Iridologist diploma training.

How is the online study structured?
There are 12 lessons in the Iridology online studies, and each lesson contains between 20 and 60 pages of detailed study material, with additional links, video and/or recommended reading, depending on the lesson.
Assignments combine reading, research and writing, with creative projects and experiential self healing. Assignments for each lesson are sent together as a group for marking and feedback. If your assignments do not reach the standard required, then you are given the opportunity to develop your work and resubmit your assignments.

How do I get help if I have a question?
Help with questions is readily available by contacting Bonny Casel by email. If the questions are more complex, then Bonny will set up a time to speak with you on Skype.

Is there a deadline for competing the course?
The Iridology online course must be completed within three years, although you can apply for an extension with extenuating circumstances. If a student has not sent in an assignment in six months, the student file is placed on hold for a further six months before being closed.

Is the Iridology online course accredited?
Each of our courses are accredited and you can view details of accreditation on our website by following this link.

Are the online courses accredited internationally?
Each country has its own requirements and there is no accreditation available that is ‘international.’ Most countries do not regulate the practice of natural medicine, and you can freely practice without requiring board examinations or professional memberships. Some countries do require an examination in their own language, for example in Germany there is an examination required for all practitioners who make health recommendations, regardless of your qualifications. School of Natural Medicine graduates practice all over the world and we have never had a graduate who has been unable to practice and/ or teach in their home country.

Will I be able to obtain practice insurance upon graduation?
School of Natural Medicine UK graduates can obtain discounted block insurance from Balens insurance company in the UK, or with an insurance company in your own country. Professional memberships also frequently offer reduced fee insurance options.

I have further questions about the courses. How do I reach the school?
You can reach the school directly using the contact form on our website.
To arrange a Skype call, email the school to make an appointment. The school Skype address is PureHealthSNM.
You can also arrange a time to speak with Bonny Casel by telephone. Email the school using the contact form to schedule a time.

When can I begin my studies?
We have open enrollment, so you can begin your studies as soon as you wish!

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