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Iridology Online Certification Course

Iris Drawing of Radii Solaris
Iridology is a form of analysis that examines the iris structure, iris markings and colours, and what is known as the ‘iris constitutional type,’ to determine ageing pathways in the body. Iridology does not diagnose disease, in the contemporary medical sense. What is does do is more shows you how to not become ill in the first place, how you are likely to develop disease if your lifestyle, diet and other influences play into your inherent weaknesses, and, if you are ill, it shows you where the focus of treatment can best support your own body’s capacity to heal.

Through studying the iris, an Iridologist determines the inherent strength of each body system, current states of toxicity in body tissues, and levels of stress in body organs and systems and, combined with a thorough understanding of holistic anatomy and physiology, and a detailed case history, identifies the system, organ and gland weakness pattern that manifests as your individual pathway to disease. This information is used to guide preventive and self healing programmes.

There is tremendous empowerment in becoming educated about your inherent weaknesses, when that understanding comes with education about the tools needed for purification and regeneration of body systems, organs, and glands and preventative care.

Iridology also provides a uniquely effective way to explore the interior world of body, mind and emotions, along with their dynamic relationships; relationships that are at the core of psychoneuroimmunology. Traditional medicine has long recognised the relationship between emotional and mental states, and physical health and wellbeing. The modern medical model also acknowledges mind/body dynamics, prompted by scientists, such as Candace Pert, who discovered the link between emotions and cellular/molecular function. Iridology can identify emotional and mental tendencies and their physical manifestations as a cohesive whole, so practitioners of holistic medicine are increasingly drawn to this valuable tool for investigating the continuum of client health on all levels.

The School of Natural Medicine Iridology online Certification course provides the most comprehensive online study of Iridology in the world. Written by Farida Sharan, a leading pioneer of Iridology and author of the classic textbook, ‘Iridology - A Complete Guide,’ ‘Dictionary of Iridology,’ and ‘The Iridology Colouring Book,’ this course will provide you with the knowledge needed to create effective health programmess that are integrated with a deep understanding of inherent organ, system and gland strengths and weaknesses, emotional and mental processes, current health continuum and constitutional dynamics. A trained iridologist can assess client constitution within moments of looking in the iris, and this information is a valuable support for creating effective, individual programmes.

Course Structure

The Iridology certification course consists of the following:

Iridology online course (see course topics below)
  • 14 Lessons - 514 pages
  • Time Payment: 12 monthly payments of £80
  • Payment in Full: £750
  • Students create their own study schedule
  • Support and mentoring with Bonny Casel as you progress through your studies
Graduates receive the Iridology Certificate accredited by AADP

Course Topics Include

  • History and Philosophy of Iridology – from 1000 BC to today
  • Foundation of Natural Medicine
  • Symbolic Language of the Interior World
  • Iris Topography
  • Embryology
  • Iris Drawing
  • Iris Texture
  • Iris Density and Structure
  • European Constitutional Types
  • Faridian Constitutional Types
  • Basic Iris Signs
  • Holistic Anatomy and Physiology
  • The Eliminative Channels in the Iris
  • The Nervous System in the Iris
  • The Digestive System in the Iris
  • The Circulatory System in the Iris
  • The Lymphatic System in the Iris
  • The Endocrine System in the Iris
  • The Reproductive System in the Iris
  • The Respiratory System in the Iris
  • The Urinary System in the Iris
  • The Skeletal and Muscular Systems in the Iris
  • Iridian Psychology
  • The Rayid Model
  • Flower Essences, Emotional Healing and Iridology

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