Beautiful study space of Healing Diets graduate Lise Aanes
Online Certification Courses

Professional board accredited online certification courses in pure Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Healing Diets, Quantum Botanicals and Iridology. We also offer the Natural Physician certification to those students who complete their studies in all five online courses; the full system of natural medicine that we teach.

Each online course prepares you for professional practice, and you can continue to grow with your qualifications over time as online studies can be applied in full towards diploma training.

All of our online courses can be studied from anywhere in the world, and are personally mentored by school founder, Bonny Casel.

You cannot imagine how much courage my studies have brought me. I feel empowered by all the knowledge I have attained. Thank you so much for the work you put into the course. Your course has changed my life and given me a postive future outlook. I have always been interested and am grateful I found the perfect match. I can now go forward and make the changes I want to see in the world.

Giselda Falen HDC, HHP Healing Diets Coach graduate
Beautiful study space of Healing Diets graduate Lise Aanes

Healing Diets whole meal salad and raw soup
Healing Diets Coach Certification

This comprehensive online course in 'food as medicine' takes you on an inspirational and experiential journey of the principles and practice of cleansing, health building and rejuvenation, food for different life phases, food for beauty and emotional/mental health, the methods and politics of the food industry, consultation skills, practice development and much more

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Herbal medicine student studying botany
Herbal Medicine Certification

The Herbal Medicine online course offers a comprehensive study of Western Herbal Medicine, focusing on systemic use of herbal formula and naturopathic herbal treatments. By treating the whole person, we support the body's own healing intelligence, in alignment with naturopathic principles that are the guiding light of natural medicine.

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Quantum Botanicals Diploma

Journey through more than 100 years of scientific discovery that has proven that consciousness precedes matter, that thoughts and emotions initiate molecular/biological function and that the fundamental nature of matter is vibrational. Explore essential oils and flower essences alongside man's evolution with the field of plant consciousness.

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Drawing your own iridology chart is an important practice when studying iridology
Iridology Certification

Iridology examines the iris structure, markings and colors to determine aging pathways, assess systemic strengths, weaknesses, levels of toxicity and function, providing a holistic analysis that aligns perfectly with the principles and practice of natural medicine. This in-depth course, created by Farida Sharan, author of the classic textbook, 'Iridology - A Complete Guide,' provides a thorough training for professional practice.

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Student drawing plant structure and gesture drawings at Kew Gardens London
Naturopathy Certification

The Naturopathy online studies include diet and nutrition, herbal medicine, iridology, the full spectrum of naturopathic treatments and lifestyle, consultation skills, practice development and more. Your clients will not only achieve relief of symptoms, they will achieve true health as you educate them in preventative health care and reversal of dietary and lifestyle diseases.

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Natural Physician Certification

The comprehensive Natural Physician course offers the complete system of natural medicine that we teach. The four primary forms of plant medicine are taught in-depth: herbal medicine, essential oils, flower essences and diet. Students learn Iridology and a wide range of naturopathic therapies, providing the foundation for creating highly effective self healing programs.

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