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Quantum Botanicals & Flower Essences Immersion

Quantum Botanicals and Flower Essences Diploma Training Students
BFVEA Accredited Flower Essence Course
Studies begin with the fundamentals of 'What is Matter?', ‘What is Health?’ and ‘What is Cure?’ leading to an exploration of the science that underpins vibrational medicine.

Within the context of current understanding of energy, space, matter, organised energy fields, and the fractal nature of body, mind and emotions, students learn how the interconnectedness of mind and body can be harnessed to support self healing and evolution of consciousness.

Through lectures and experiential classes, students explore the world of plants, both physically and vibrationally, with reference to studies of plant consciousness, plant senses, the 12 Windows of Perception and human-plant resonance, leading to study of flower essences, felt sense, heart-brain coherence, brain hemisphere processing, the language of feeling and emotions, and the relationship between mental and emotional states, health and disease.

The study of flower essences is structured around the 38 Bach Flower Remedies as we learn about the 12 Healers (core personality types), the 12 Helpers (for when the core personality is obscured by long-term disassociation or environmental influences) and the 19 Situational Remedies (for current internal and/or external stresses and influences). Other flower essences systems are introduced and students are invited to explore their resonance with a range of essence producers including Flower Essences Services (FES) remedies, Icelandic Nature Essences, Alaskan Essences and others.

Every topic is fully integrated with the next, so that all topics are understood as a whole with a focus on developing therapeutic skills and creating effective programs, so that this knowledge can be used effectively in practice.

10 day Immersion Training
(accommodation is a separate fee - see application form)

  • Quantum Botanicals Students in Cambridge
  • Quantum Botanicals Students at Kew Gardens
  • Students learning about Mind Maps
  • Studying Quantum Theory and Fractal Progression
  • Making a Flower and Ocean Essence
  • Bruce Lipton and Bonny Casel Photo
  • Bonny Casel Presentation at BFVEA Gathering
  • Sun Method Flower Essence
  • Flower Essence Diploma Training Plants
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