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Healing Diets Immersion

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The Healing Diets Immersion is an delicious, delightful hands-on education in raw food preparation that provides the foundation for inspired, creative use of therapeutic nutrient dense foods.

Students participate in establishing the rhythms of a living raw foods kitchen, including sprouting and fermentation, a range of dehydrating projects, juicing, green drinks, raw desserts, sauces, nut and seed butters, and more.

Over the course of 10 days, food preparation moves from cleansing to health building, culminating in gourmet raw food preparation. Exploration of culinary herbs and spices add to this foundation for increased flavour, support for health issues and focused balancing of the Doshas. Each day students prepare and enjoy a living foods feast, along with a range of lightly cooked vegan dishes.

Practical time in the kitchen is interspersed with lectures that explore different facets of the material taught in the Healing Diets and Quantum Botanicals online courses, with a focus on integrating healing diets studies with mind-body healing and evolution of consciousness.

In this Immersion you will learn skills to bring magic and inspiration into your relationship with food, along with the foundation to share this knowledge with others.

10 day Immersion Training

£2100 includes accommodation and class supplies. Lunch is also provided on class days.
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Healing Diets Immersion Trainings are offered every other year at our beautiful residential venue at Nutley Edge in East Sussex and in Savannah, Georgia.
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Student Accommodation at Nutley Edge

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Located on the edge of Ashdown Forest.

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An area of outstanding natural beauty.

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Set on 11 acres of rolling farmland and wildlife habitats.

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