Student enjoying a moment with beautiful flower at Kew Gardens London
Self Healing Module
Self Healing Module

The Self Healing Immersion is a core part of School of Natural Medicine UK training. Here each student has the opportunity to personally experience the complete system of mind-body plant medicine that we teach.

The focus of the Self Healing Immersion is on direct experience of dietary changes, herbs, essential oils and flower essences, supported by life style changes and natural therapies.

Each student explores emotional and mental patterns that contribute to overall health through felt sense, mind-mapping, journaling and direct perception. Students learn about their own mind-body strengths and weakness, how they process life experience and physically, mentally and emotionally, and how to achieve lasting health and wellness through balancing periodic cleansing and health building, with transitional ‘centre point’ preventative care.

I'm still enjoying the shift happening with the self healing: positivity, focus, calmness, balance between activities and rest, openness, confidence…my God, I should have done it earlier! With the self healing I am also digging deeper into the naturopathic therapies and I'm excited to share them and their benefits with others. Amazingly, I have also put on weight with the self healing. When you told me that this approach to healing diets results in balanced weight, with those needing to lose weight and those needing to gain weight, achieving their goals…I was skeptical. This is the first approach to diet that has ever helped me to assimilate nutrient like this and achieve this level of health and vitality. The self healing module has brought me so many positive results… and it also increased my libido. I couldn't be happier.

Julie Marlon Healing Diets Nutritonal Consultant graduate
Student enjoying a moment with beautiful flower at Kew Gardens London

  • Consultation (in person or by Skype)
  • A three to four step programme, that can be undertaken at your own pace, includes dietary changes, a cleanse or fast, experience with the transitional diet, experience with nutrient dense health building, flower essences, essential oils and supportive therapies that you can do at home.
  • Recommendations may also be made to experience the benefits of other natural healing modalities.
  • Support by email and/or Skype as you progress through Self Healing.
  • Students keep a Self Healing journal that they can continue throughout their studies.
  • The Self Healing Immersion is a three month programme, but many students choose to continue throughout their studies, integrating and experiencing cleanses, approaches to food preparation, and emotional healing as they progress through their studies.
  • Herbal Formulae, Flower Essences, Essential Oils, etc. are purchased independently. Recommendations are given for quality sources, or student can blend their own formulae if they wish.
  • Students are required to begin their Self Healing prior to attending Immersion Trainings.

3 Month Programme and Support


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