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Quantum Botanicals Advanced Diploma Course (QBA)

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The Quantum Botanicals Advanced Diploma Course offers a loving and mind expanding training in plant based vibrational medicine. Explore the plant world, the nature of consciousness and quantum physics, opening your heart and mind in profound ways that will change the way you perceive healing, the relationship between nature and consciousness, and the patient-practitioner relationship.

Step into the future of medicine and discover the world of Plant Consciousness, Quantum and Fractal Potential, Electromagnetic Coherence and Vibrational Medicine through a comprehensive study of the nature of matter and energy, how consciousness communicates with matter, how quantum processes communicate with DNA through the medium of water, the relationship between thoughts, emotions and cellular function, direct perception plant communication, flower essences and a range of vibrational modalities to support the healing process.

All plant medicine is vibrational medicine, including diet, herbs, essential oils, flower essences and homeopathic remedies that utilise the vibrational/quantum field of plants. Learn about the fundamental science that underpins all vibrational medicine, and how to engage the power of quantum and fractal potential through plant healing.

This course combines a strong foundation in the science of quantum healing with a deep study of consciousness; left and right brain hemisphere attention and processing, unconscious and collective unconscious vibrational archetypes, and mind-body healing with vibrational medicine. The course explores flower essence therapy in depth, as a profound opportunity to support healing of thoughts and emotions that hinder our path towards wholeness, peace and conscious experience of life.

The course also introduces students to traditional and indigenous perspectives on the relationship between subtle energies of mind, emotions and the physical body through the comparative study of Ayurvedic, Chinese and other traditional systems.

  • The Quantum Botanicals Advanced diploma course was created by Bonny Casel and she personally mentors each student.
  • Accredited by BFVEA, AAMA and AADP (see accreditation page for details)

Course Structure

Quantum Botanicals Advanced Diploma Studies include the following Modules:

Quantum Botanicals Advanced Online Studies include:
  • Herbal Medicine online course - 12 Lessons - 660 pages
  • Healing Diets Coach online course - 12 Lessons - 540 pages
  • Quantum Botanicals online course - 12 Lessons - 453 pages
  • Time Payment: 12 monthly payments of £200
  • Discounted Payment in Full: £2000
  • Online courses can also be enrolled in one at a time (see application form for payment details)
  • Create your own study schedule
  • Support and mentoring with Bonny Casel as you progress through your studies
  • Graduates are awarded the Quantum Botanicals Advanced Diploma, Healing Diets Nutritional Consultant Diploma and Herbal Medicine Certificate
  • Visit this link for accreditation information.
Quantum Botanicals Advanced Immersions include the following 10 day Immersions:
Quantum Botanicals & Flower Essences - £1850 includes accommodation
Healing Diets - £2100 includes accommodation
Herbal Medicine - £1300 - accommodation separate
Essential Oils & Healing Touch Immersion - £1850 + purchase of Raindrop Kit

Self Healing Module - £400
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For module details visit the following links:

Quantum Botanicals Advanced Immersion Trainings

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The Quantum Botanicals Advanced Diploma Training incorporates online studies (see above) and 4 Immersion Trainings: Healing Diets, Herbal Medicine, Essential Oils & Healing Touch and Quantum Botanicals & Flower Essences.

Immersions are offered on alternating years to diploma students at our beautiful residential venue at Nutley Edge in East Sussex.
Click Here for further details and scroll down for venue images.

The Healing Diets Immersion is also offered on alternating years in Savannah, Georgia in the US (use the
contact page to request details)

In addition to Immersion Trainings, Quantum Botanicals Advanced students undertake a
3 month Self Healing module.
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Student Accommodation at Nutley Edge

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Located on the edge of Ashdown Forest.

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An area of outstanding natural beauty.

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Set on 11 acres of rolling farmland and wildlife habitats.

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